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Hamburg Invest serves as the main port of call for technology and knowledge-based start-up businesses.

Hamburg Invest is the one-stop agency for relocation and investment in Hamburg as well as the main partner of Hamburg’s business sector on all topics relating to business development. In addition, Hamburg Invest serves as the main port of call for technology and knowledge-based start-up businesses.


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Prospective entrepreneurs and new enterprises with knowledge and technology-oriented business models are now provided with comprehensive information and support in one place: Hamburg Invest’s Startup Unit serves as the first port of call for any queries regarding municipal start-up programmes and funding opportunities as well as relevant events and networks in Hamburg.

The Startup Unit consolidates all competences required for marketing and positioning Hamburg as a start-up hub in Germany and abroad. At the interface of city marketing and business development, the new Startup Unit will strengthen Hamburg’s start-up ecosystem even further.

The Startup Unit can offer the following services:

• Free consultation hours for start-ups, at regular intervals and taking place at the hotspots of Hamburg’s start-up scene; for example, at co-working spaces and events. As part of these sessions, prospective entrepreneurs are supplied with an initial overview of the services provided by the Startup Unit, and learn about municipal and private initiatives as well as relevant networks.

• International entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in Hamburg as a location can make use of a free initial advisory session.

• The Startup Unit represents Hamburg on a global scale by participating in international conferences. In addition, it supports Hamburg-based start-ups in attending selected conferences; for example, by contributing as a cooperation partner and by linking them up with other partners, such as the HIW’s representative offices abroad.

• The Startup Unit also acts as a competent source of information for investors, journalists and multipliers, providing comprehensive facts and figures on Hamburg’s start-up scene.

• The starter kit supplies prospective entrepreneurs with everything they need to know when it comes to starting up a business. As well as offering tips and recommendations – for example, on writing a business plan and onboarding new staff – the starter kit also comprises information on further support programmes and services available in Hamburg.

• The co-working map provides nascent enterprises and their teams with an interactive overview of all co-working spaces available in Hamburg, alongside information on working environments and pricing.

White Papers

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    Hamburg’s Startup Unit is the first port of call for knowledge and technology-oriented start-up businesses in Hamburg. Consolidating several different services under the umbrella of Hamburg Invest, it serves as the central point of contact for anyone seeking information on local businesses, events and conferences, universities, public funding agencies, economic clusters, as well as incubator and accelerator programmes. Startup Hotspot Hamburg provides a guide to entrepreneurs and investors interested in participating in this growing ecosystem, offering information on everything from financing opportunities to key local contacts and cultural highlights.