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Global trade and investment are driving the Charleston region’s continued success.

For companies seeking to enter or expand in the US, CRDA is here to guide you through the process. The innovative Charleston community offers the energy and excitement of a region on the rise.

Global trade and investment are driving the Charleston region’s continued success. From the Port of Charleston to the growing life sciences industry, Charleston is global in nature – with international competitors, supply chains and talent.

Attracting and supporting foreign direct investment is a foundational element of the Charleston market’s global competitiveness. Ready to join this vibrant community? Contact CRDA today.

4401 Belle Oaks Drive,
Suite 420,
North Charleston,
SC 29405,
United States of America

The Charleston Regional Development Alliance serves as a catalyst for long-term regional prosperity by attracting the world’s best companies, talent and entrepreneurs.

We are a growing network of investors, staff, business, academic, and governmental partners committed to strengthening regional employment and building a base of high-value industries to improve the three-county Charleston region’s economy now and into the future.

White Papers

  • Charleston, USA: A life sciences hub

    Discover Charleston. A fast-growing population, a technically-skilled workforce, efficient access to the global marketplace, and a diverse portfolio of real estate options. Charleston is a globally competitive community for life sciences.

  • Global Connectivity Snapshot 2022

    The Charleston region relies on international engagement to sustain our economy. From teachers to truck drivers to business executives, we are all influenced by global connections every day. Charleston is a globally fluent metro, where we appreciate our connectivity to the global economy and work together to ensure everyone benefits from these connections. By welcoming new companies and new people, we help bring good jobs to our community, we improve our education and healthcare, we support new technology, and we make new neighbours and friends.

  • Landing Pad Program

    'Landing Pad' is a tailored programme designed for global companies looking to establish an initial smaller-scale business presence and explore opportunities in the US market. The ultimate goal is to simplify the process, provide local support, and help position your company to be successful in the US.

4401 Belle Oaks Drive
Suite 420
North Charleston
SC 29405
United States of America

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