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FPL’s strong partnership with its communities has had a significant impact on Florida’s economic development competitiveness and success.

A strong economy is good business for all Floridians, and Florida Power & Light Company is doing its part to encourage investment and job creation in the state. Its team provides white-glove service, data and other support to businesses evaluating Florida as a business location.


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Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) made a strong commitment to support economic development in Florida when it established its Office of Economic Development (OED) in 2012. Since then, the company has taken a leadership role in Florida’s economic development efforts. In fact, FPL’s OED has been recognised as a ‘Top Utility in Economic Development’ by Site Selection and Business Facilities magazines – the nation’s leading economic development trade publications – every year since 2015. In 2020, FPL’s OED received top honours from both organisations.

FPL’s strong partnership with its communities has had a significant impact on Florida’s economic development competitiveness and success over the past seven years. Since 2012, its staff and programmes have supported the creation of more than 82,000 new jobs, and almost 16,000 retained jobs. These results are not coincidental; its investments are focused on enhancing the success of the state, regional and local economic development organisations.

A focus on ‘white glove service’ and support for all business expansions and relocations is at the centre of the utility’s business recruitment programme. This service includes assistance with site and building searches; site infrastructure assessments; utility rate quotes; electricity rate incentives; tax exemptions; connection to energy efficiency and clean energy programmes; and support with electric service planning.

White Papers

  • Destination Florida: Discover investment and tax incentives on offer in the Sunshine State

    Florida consistently ranks among the best states for doing business, thanks to pro-corporate state tax policies, competitive cost structures and streamlined regulatory environment. This white paper looks at the wide array of incentives designed to spur economic investment both from home and abroad, the skilled and adaptable workforce underpinning these efforts, and the industries at the forefront of the next stage of investment and growth.

  • FDI in Florida: Learn how the Sunshine State is attempting to grow and diversify its investor mix

    With unparalleled access to markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, coupled with a population of 21 million and a $1trn GDP, Florida has benefitted from rising levels of FDI over the past decade. The number of employees at majority-owned US affiliates of foreign entities in Florida has grown by around 60% during that period, with investors enticed by low taxes, a streamlined regulatory framework and a range of targeted industry incentives to help lure investors. This white paper looks at the current FDI landscape in the sunshine state, its significance to the Floridian economy as a whole, and the sectors and investors driving growth.

700 Universe Blvd CEA/JB
Juno Beach
FL 33408