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The sustainable fashion brands leading the charge in China

Environmental damage is a growing concern in China and it’s creating an opening for fashion brands that are able to demonstrate sustainable manufacturing and sourcing processes.

ESSENTIAL SOURCING GUIDE: Vietnam’s apparel sector

Just Style takes an in-depth look at the pros and cons of Vietnam’s apparel sector. It is described as an apparel sourcing success story but will need to build backward linkages while mitigating deep-rooted cost and labour challenges to maintain its strong position.

Behind Shein: China’s fashion retailer taking the world by storm

China’s fast fashion cross-border e-commerce retailer Shein is little known within the country itself but its profile overseas continues to rise.

ESSENTIAL SOURCING GUIDE: China’s apparel sector

Just Style’s exclusive sourcing guide goes behind the scenes of the world’s largest apparel exporter. From China’s backward linked apparel supply chains to its growing domestic consumer market and international fashion brands such as Shein becoming household names, the country remains on a path for continued growth.