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Lara Williams is a senior reporter at Investment Monitor specialising in FDI in the tech and bio-pharma sectors. An experienced writer, Lara previously worked as deputy editor of the Financial Times’s fDi Magazine. Lara has a background in technology journalism writing for the UK’s Computing magazine and has spent much of the past decade living in Silicon Valley.

Lara Williams

Will Japan and the Netherlands joining US sanctions be an effective weapon in the US-China chip war?

The US-China chip war has seen new export control regulation escalate and complicate an already precarious situation.

‘Crypto winter’ won’t stop institutional banking sector from investing in digital asset business

Trust in crypto is at an all-time low following the FTX scandal. Can traditional banking institutions fill this trust void?

Does FTX’s collapse show that financing in crypto start-ups wasn’t as buoyant as it seemed?

Investment data is only as reliable as the companies it tracks. How should the market view historical investment data when it includes issues such as the FTX collapse?

Quantum computing start-up Oxford Ionics makes its mark

The quantum computing industry is about to reach an era of commercialisation, and Oxford Ionics is well placed to take advantage.

Top technology investment trends to watch in 2023

The leading technology trends in 2023 will revolve around AI, cloud, cybersecurity, the metaverse, crypto, robotics, IoT and quantum computing.

Green construction: A sector to watch in 2023

With a growing focus on the global climate crisis, the construction industry will have to make changes for which green construction technology innovation will be vital.

Opinion: FTX case shows that countries offering regulatory clarity for crypto have much to gain

The collapse of FTX has shown a difference between national regulators taking a proactive approach to crypto regulation and those approaching the issue more defensively.

Which country has most to lose from Big Tech layoffs?

Big Tech layoffs in the US have garnered headlines, but what do they signal for tech hubs around the world, such as Ireland?

Starbucks, software and space travel… how Seattle’s economy makes a global mark

On a cultural and business level, Seattle is a city with a true global presence that looks well prepared for rest of the 21st century.

Bye bye Bebo, farewell Friendster: How to kill a social media network

With all eyes on Twitter’s future under Elon Musk, what lessons do the downfall of the likes of MySpace, Friendster, Ping, Vine and Bebo offer?