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Trends in DeFi and crypto: paving the road to the future of finance

As automation continues to transform finance operations and blockchain technology becomes ever more advanced, the future of finance is emerging. By 2030, blockchain alone could contribute $1.7trn to the global economy, according to international professional services firm PwC.

What will sustainable cities of the future look like?

Download the free whitepaper to see how Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City is creating a blueprint for sustainable development, and how innovators in the city are creating novel and sustainable solutions to address climate change.

How investors can reduce South Africa’s power cuts with solar

The Coega Development Corporation is embracing solar energy in its Special Economic Zone, to ensure a steady power supply to businesses in the face of nationwide load shedding.

Investor analysis: why African mines hold key to green energy transition

Africa is home to 30% of the world’s mineral reserves, and the continent is also home to minerals and rare earth metals needed to make batteries for electric vehicles that will be instrumental in the shift away from fossil fuels.

Why investment promotion agencies must be agile to attract FDI

FDI flows were strong in 2022, but IPAs face new challenges when it comes to attracting investors.

Could the Swedish Arctic hold the key to Europe’s green energy transition?

The world is on the hunt for the raw materials that will power electric vehicle production. The discovery of more than one million tonnes of rare earth oxides near Kiruna in northern Sweden could be a game changer.

Investors eye “excellent conditions” for solar energy in Africa

Less than 10% of the continent’s energy supply comes from renewable sources, but there is large untapped potential for the development of solar power.

Why don’t minerals mined in Africa stay in Africa?

Africa is home to some of the largest mineral deposits on Earth, but the vast majority are exported for refining and manufacturing into goods. Local voices advocate for greater beneficiation of minerals within the continent, but many obstacles prevent this reality.

Sustainable real estate investment is crucial to keeping climate commitments on track

With the built environment accounting for 39% of global CO2 emissions, introducing more sustainable materials and practices is key to fighting climate change. Investors are taking it upon themselves to help meet these goals.

What will a thriving future city look like in 2040?

The City of Brampton in Canada is incubating the world’s future economy while harnessing its momentum to become a blueprint for the type of location young CEOs and future founders will want to live and work in.