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Judith O'Doherty

Judith O’Doherty is founder of place consultancy eutopia.

Why education is the lifeblood of investment

As students around the world embark upon their courses, a thriving higher education system has never been more important to both companies and the world of investment, writes Judith O’Doherty of eutopia.

Who owns the city?

Cities must no longer focus upon catering to the needs of businesses and investors, and focus more on getting the work-life balance right, says eutopia’s Judith O’Doherty.

Why liveability matters more than ever when it comes to investment attraction

Now that many workers have realised that they don’t have to live within an (often sweaty) commute of their workplace, the importance of a location’s liveability is surging in importance, writes eutopia’s Judith O’Doherty.