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Courtney Fingar is editor-in-chief of Investment Monitor and a widely known commentator on international investment trends. She oversaw the launch of the publication in September 2020 after joining from the Financial Times. Her 20-year career in business journalism includes running the FT’s fDi Magazine and serving as head of content for its associated data division fDi Intelligence. She has covered business stories in more than 80 countries and she is a popular moderator and keynote speaker at economic and investment events worldwide and has appeared on television and radio in dozens of countries.

Investment promotion agencies can shape the future of globalisation

By Ismail Ersahin, CEO and Executive Director, World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies.

“We’re planning now for the recovery”: In conversation with Ukraine’s Tourism Minister Mariana Oleskiv

Mariana Oleskiv, chairperson at the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine, says the Ukrainian government is already preparing for a post-war reboot of the country’s tourism industry – and that includes Crimea.

“Support Ukraine by visiting us”: The rebuilding of Ukraine’s tourism industry is already under way

The Ukrainian minister of tourism shares how she hopes to attract tourists and investors back to the war-torn country.

Ukraine looks to a future as a hub for medical tourism

The Ukrainian minister of tourism says that the country’s experience of wartime injuries could turn the country into a global hub for medical rehabilitation.

Opinion: Lessons for Ukraine from a lake in Iraq

The biggest challenge Ukraine may face in attracting investors and visitors after the war is a lingering perception of instability that may last long after the last shots are fired. Look to Iraq’s Lake Habbaniyah for a case study in both perils and possibilities.

In conversation with: Jamaica’s Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Aubyn Hill

Aubyn Hill talks about the impact of macro issues such as inflation, taxation reform and the global food crisis on Jamaica.

In conversation with: Łódź Deputy Mayor Adam Pustelnik

The central Polish city of Łódź has already undergone a major transformation of its post-industrial economy. Adam Pustelnik tells Courtney Fingar how the influx of Ukrainian refugees is creating yet more change.

Opinion: In defence of Dubai… I’ll take its gleaming towers over thatched roofs any day

Dislike of Dubai is based on misguided ideas about what culture is all about and an over attachment to the past at the expense of the future.

In conversation with: Egypt Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait

Egypt’s minister of finance tells Courtney Fingar about the country’s post-Covid strategies and its plans to be a Middle East and Africa hub for foreign investment.

In conversation with: Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov

Igor Terekhov was elected mayor of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv in a vote on 31 October, after serving as first deputy mayor for the now deceased Gennady Kernes. He tells Investment Monitor of his priorities and plans.