Concept: British telecom company Vodafone and American technology company Google have partnered to launch a unified ML platform named AI Booster to enable AI use cases including improving product suggestions, customer loyalty, and customer experiences. The platform offers scalability, efficiency, and cost reductions for the business, customers, and its partners.

Nature of Disruption: AI Booster is built on Google’s Vertex AI that lets customers design, deploy, and scale ML models faster using pre-trained and custom tooling within a unified platform. It is a fully managed cloud-native platform that can seamlessly integrate with Vodafone’s Neuron platform. The Neuron platform is a data ocean that is based on Google Cloud. AI Booster is fully automated for ML lifecycle activities including auditability, explainability, and drift or skew detection, with help of reusable containers, pipelines, and managed services. The ML platform includes security by design at its core. It allows developers to benefit from Google’s ML tools utilizing BigQuery ML (BQML), Automated ML (AutoML), and Vertex AI. It offers faster adoption with embedded and standard ML templates. AI Booster enables data scientists and ML engineers to generate more value and work together on creative solutions. It is supported by instructor-led and on-demand learning routes with Google Cloud, and the platform can enhance learning and experimentation.

Outlook: It is observed that many organizations are focusing on developing AI and ML capabilities to improve business outcomes. However, as demand increases, it is more difficult to integrate AI and ML into an organization’s structure and to quickly develop and execute ML use cases in a highly regulated sector. AI Booster claims to have reduced the time from proof of concept to live production by nearly 80%. With the AI Booster, customers only need to fill out an online form to acquire a fully functional AI environment with all the necessary controls, guardrails, and approvals in a few minutes. Google and Vodafone intend to continue their partnership to accelerate the digital future and figure out new ways to keep people connected.

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