Concept: French global network operator Sigfox and Spanish company CAR-LITE has introduced an IoT-based beacon solution for car manufacturers throughout Europe. It has the potential to geolocate broken cars using GPS in real-time and in an environment-friendly manner. The solution can provide insightful information to street security authorities across Europe, infrastructure administration firms, freight transport, or visitors management authorities, speeding up the management and resolution of the incident and accidents.

Nature of Disruption: CAR-LITE created and developed the circular beacon which when connected to the roof of the damaged car produces a light visible up to a one-kilometer distance. It is safer than standard warning triangles because it may be set without exiting the car. The beacon is powered by a rechargeable battery to maintain its autonomy. This system can transmit automatic alerts with accurate information on the location of damaged vehicles to the appropriate road safety authorities. Because the system is based on the Sigfox 0G IoT network, which is already available in 75 countries worldwide, no internet connection or SIM card is required. The system can notify public and assistance services in real-time, allowing them to respond more rapidly to emergencies and warn other drivers via real-time road signs. It claims compatibility with various regulatory authorities’ connected car platforms in each country. The data and energy usage are comparatively low because it was created exclusively for the IoT. Additionally, the cost of communication is unaffected by the location of the beacon.

Outlook: The IoT-based beacon solution intends to significantly improve road safety, following the strategy of European authorities in charge of street security, whose goal is to reduce accidents and emissions. The system can allow public and assisting authorities to respond more rapidly to emergencies and warn other drivers of potential hazards in real-time. The device comes in the shape of a small beacon that can be mounted on the roof of any vehicle. It claims to be safer than traditional warning triangles because it does not involve getting out of the vehicle to install it. The beacon can help prevent fatalities in the case of an accident by connecting people, roads, authorities, and automobiles.

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