Concept: French company Sequans Communications (Sequans) has incorporated a tracker module for the 3.5GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) private networks in the US for long battery life. The CBRSense asset tracker is offered by SODAQ, a designer and manufacturer of low-power sensing and tracking IoT devices. Monogoto, an Israeli cloud-based cellular connectivity provider uses the Cassiopeia CB410L CBRS module to provide cellular connectivity for the ultra-efficient IoT tracker. Sequans claims that the CBRS tracker can operate for a full year on standard AA batteries utilizing the ultra-low power consumption capabilities of Sequans technology.

Nature of Disruption: Sequans offers two Cassiopeia CBRS modules: Cassiopeia CB410L with LTE (Long-Term Evolution) Category 4 throughput, and Cassiopeia CB610L with LTE Category 6 throughput. Both modules are self-contained all-in-one systems that provide reliable LTE network access. 3.5 GHz solutions are incorporated into the module design. The module operates with CBRS networks in the United States on LTE band 48, as well as MNO networks all over the world on LTE bands 42/43. Sequans Cassiopeia CBRS modules are OnGo certified and offer unique LCC (leadless chip carrier) packaging and a compact dimension. The Cassiopeia CB410L and CB610L CBRS modules from Sequans claim to be the industry’s first cost-effective leadless chip carrier (LCC) modules, enabling easy and mass deployment of IoT devices on private LTE CBRS networks. The modules, which are based on Sequans’ Cassiopeia LTE chip platform can be applied to a broad range of medium-rate data applications. They support LTE Cat 4 (CB410L) or LTE Cat 6 (CB610L) and are pin-to-pin compatible (CB610L). The LCC package’s compact form factor allows for easy integration into small and thin devices, as well as onto mini-PCI or M.2 NGFF carriers. CB410L and CB610L are interoperable with CBRS networks operating on LTE band 48 in the United States and include Sequans’ carrier-proven LTE protocol stack and full application software.

Outlook: Low-power solutions can help CBRS applications go beyond campus, industrial, agricultural, and fleet management to incorporate additional power-conscious applications. Additionally, the LCC package provides a low-cost platform with a basic PCB design, and a wide range of interfaces, including USB 2.0 devices and UARTs, are supported by the modules. CB610L and CB410L are compatible with the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), and broadband consumer applications, enabling LTE connectivity to electronics devices. Sequans has raised $50M in a private financing round with Lynrock Lake Master Fund, an investment management firm in April 2021 aimed to strengthen the balance sheet. It intends to accelerate its IoT business and engage with potential strategic partners interested in 5G technology.

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