Concept: Chinese startup Qysea Technology has launched an underwater robot and multi-capable tool named ‘FIFISH V6 EXPERT’ to improve underwater missions and operations. The robot can be equipped with an onshore power supply system to provide optimal diving performance and operating time.

Nature of Disruption: The six thrusters on the FIFISH V6 EXPERT allow for 360-degrees omnidirectional movement, a maximum depth rating of 100 meters, and a speed of 4.9 feet per second. It has a UHD (Ultra-high-definition) 4K underwater camera lens, a 166-degrees ultra-wide field of view, 12-megapixel resolution, and 240 FPS (frame rate) slow-motion filming capabilities. The vision improvement algorithms aim to bring out the vibrancy of the underwater world, allowing users to record every detail required for their underwater operations and missions. With a pair of ultra-bright, 6000 lumens LED (light-emitting diode) lights and a 4K UHD camera, the FIFISH V6 EXPERT delivers vibrant images and videos even in the darkest locations. It includes a 14400mAh super-capacity battery with multiple safety and security features, as well as long-lasting battery life and quick charging capabilities. From the ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle) first-person perspective, the robot uses unique sensory controls to provide the user with an immersive underwater experience. Users can just rotate their heads to use the QYSEA patented full 360-degrees directional and postural control through the smart VR goggles. This smart tool boasts to be precise, simple to use, and a game-changer for underwater explorations. Its interface mount would let users add tools including a robotic arm, hydrophone, water sampler, or a mini circular underwater saw to the robot. The robot also contains a micro-SD card that can be easily removed from the V6 EXPERT for data exporting.

Outlook: In the fields of marine engineering and resource exploitation, underwater robot sensing technologies have recently gained a huge interest. Exploration is becoming more affordable and accessible thanks to underwater robotics. Scientists are now able to access parts of the ocean that were previously inaccessible. These bots can collect samples, measure water temperatures, and watch marine life due to their ability to resist extreme settings. Explorers and specialists in the domains of offshore energy, aquaculture, shipping, and subsea construction can use the robot to improve their underwater operating experiences. FIFISH V6 EXPERT can be used in a variety of maritime applications, including livestock inspections, underwater structures, ship hulls, and dam infrastructures, as well as operating offshore wind farms, maintaining aquaculture farms, and evaluating the quality of surrounding water habitats. Moreover, the interface of FIFISH V6 EXPERT enables the efficient integration of a diverse set of professional-level and industry-specific solutions to address a variety of scenarios and activities.

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