Concept: Canadian enterprise information management (EIM) provider OpenText has partnered with American software development company Citrix Systems (Citrix) to deliver advanced web application protection. OpenText integrates its BrightCloud Threat Intelligence with Citrix’s Application Delivery Controller (ADC) to give NetScaler customers contextual information. Moreover, it automatically blocks harmful internet protocol (IP) addresses to increase resilience.

Nature of Disruption: Citrix ADC protects customers from known and zero-day application attacks with a comprehensive security solution for online applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) both on-premises and in the cloud. Citrix can quickly scan client requests for attack traffic using the BrightCloud IP Reputation Service as its threat intelligence source by filtering against known malicious IP addresses. BrightCloud IP Service offers a vast database of recognized problematic IP addresses.

Outlook: While blocking requests from malicious IP addresses is a good way to defend apps against attacks but it can be very time-consuming and add to inspection overhead. OpenText aims to offer a system that can save consumers time, be easy to use, and be dependable. Any Citrix ADC feature can be readily integrated with the BrightCloud IP Reputation Service to give customers access to the most recent threat information. Moreover, it aids in strengthening the client base’s security posture.

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