Concept: British solar-powered digital currency mine startup Meco Limited (Mecobit) has launched a solar power system with backups and cryptocurrency miners called ‘Ultimate Solar Power System’. The system integrates ‘Solar Panel Kit (Complete)’ and ‘Solar Array M4000’ solutions with Mecobit’s crypto mining portfolio. The startup claims that the integrated system can meet the increasing energy requirement for bitcoin mining and drive greener energy and lower electricity usage.

Nature of Disruption: Solar Array M4000 is the essential equipment that helps to run or affect multiple types of equipment including dryers, pool siphons or electric car chargers, appliances, or even cryptocurrency mining equipment. It is provided with a 4000W alternating current (AC) (6000W Surge) inverter that helps to operate appliances and devices that require more power. The inverter offers a wide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) voltage range from 120V to 450V. The system operates in four charging modes photovoltaic (PV), mains electricity priority, PV priority, and PV & Mains electricity hybrid charging. It is provided with advanced MMPT technology solar controller with enhanced efficiency. The solar kit is provided with two lithium battery activation modes mains and PV and can support lead-acid battery and lithium battery access. The liquid crystal display (LCD) and three light-emitting diodes (LEDs) indicate the status and data of the system. Mecobit boasts that the solar kit can power its three crypto miners M100 Miner, M200 Miner, and Meco-Rack. This can boost cryptocurrency mining by enabling utilizing sustainable electricity.

Outlook: It is observed that the energy used by bitcoin has increased during the past five years. With the solar-focused part of the controlled hash rate seeming comparatively easy to develop, many organizations see the potential of sustainable electricity use in bitcoin mining. The cheapest electricity can push more tasks to focus entirely on renewable sources like solar energy. Mecobit has demonstrated the capabilities of the Ultimate Solar Power System at a launch event at the Hong Kong Technology Bureau in August 2022. The startup intends to disrupt the solar charger business by offering more power at an affordable price.

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