Concept: Washington-based SaaS startup Loopin has launched a platform to streamline team meetings and enhance overall team productivity. It integrates work apps and collects data from several meetings to make it simple for the users for searching and sharing meeting outcomes.

Nature of Disruption: The platform enables users to manage team tasks, track goals and run productive meetings. It helps users to complete the priority tasks, eliminating the need for switching between workplace apps. The platform offers a collaborative workspace for taking points, notes, and further steps. It can capture and manage tasks and thereby provide a comprehensive view of all tasks from meetings, emails, and other organizations’ workspace apps. The platform provides a ‘drag and drop’ feature to plan and prioritize critical work and balance time between meetings and tasks. It can automatically share the meeting outcomes to align and assign action teams with automated follow-ups and eliminate status update meetings. Users can automatically obtain context from linked meetings and notes and also calendar insights for time efficiency. The platform can integrate with Slack, Zoom, GMeet, Gmail, Notion, Asana, Trello, and Jira to synchronize the tasks for better planning.

Outlook: As distributed workforces dissolve boundaries and workers adopt more flexible schedules, there is a need to focus on the output rather than the hours spent. Loopin intends to address this issue and offers a simple solution for teams to have a more productive workday. The single platform is used for scheduling, outcomes, recording, and documenting thereby reducing the cognitive overload and freeing up bandwidth for low-value tasks. The startup is currently developing application programming interfaces (APIs) so that users can create custom integrations. Loopin boasts that the beta version of the platform is available for customers and plans to launch the full version in the second quarter of 2023. In July 2021, the startup raised $820,000 in seed funding led by Venture Highway. It intends to utilize these funds to further develop the platform and scale its team size.

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