Concept: US technology startup LambdaTest has launched a cloud-based website and application test platform named HyperTest to help businesses perform quicker end-to-end selenium tests. Selenium is an open-source project that automates web browser testing, allowing developers and QA analysts to save time by not having to manually test each feature. The startup claims HyperTest to be the world’s fastest cloud grid, that can test up to 70% faster than other cloud-based test execution grids, offering faster test run feedback to developers.

Nature of Disruption: HyperTest displays both terminal logs of test commands and complete test execution logs in a single automation dashboard view. It provides test execution logs, including terminal logs, exceptions, test run video, commands, and network login to the dashboard. For every major operating system, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux containers, the platform includes feature-rich hosted runners. All major programming languages and frameworks, including Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, GO, C#, Rust, and Ruby, are pre-installed on the runners. HyperTest combines all components into a single execution environment, reducing test run times by eliminating network hops. This enables organizations to test code and fix errors at a considerably faster rate, resulting in a speedier time-to-market. It helps developers to group and distribute tests intelligently across runner settings using a simple YAML file. This intelligent test orchestration uses previous test run data and reorders test runs automatically to expose problems quickly and reduce developer feedback times. The platform helps developers and testers to fully examine the quality of their builds on a single platform by generating insightful automatic reports for each build run with all test execution data in one place. This helps remove the need to collect data from different sources and creating complex reporting structures. Businesses can set up automatic sequencing, static and dynamic test discovery, and static data splitting leveraging their smart workflow capabilities.

Outlook: Due to the enormous number of network hops that occur during each test, existing automated test platforms are inherently slow. Throughout the testing process, several network components are involved, causing unnecessary delays, which is the major roadblock to getting a product to market promptly. As digital firms release products and services at an alarming rate to outperform their competitors, it’s critical to thoroughly test the code before distributing it to the public. Companies can expedite time to market by intelligently decreasing test execution time using HyperTest, which supports selenium testing. LambdaTest has raised $16M in a Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital India with participation from Telstra Ventures, and Wamda Capital in June 2021. The startup intends to use the funds to expand its testing ecosystem and develop next-generation cloud infrastructure for users.

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