Silicon Power Corporation, a US-based design, development, testing and manufacturing company of high-power semiconductor devices, plans to invest $122m to open a new 150mm silicon carbide manufacturing facility in Odisha, India. The new facility is expected to open by mid-2025. The project will be coordinated through Indian subsidiary RiR Power Electronics.

Silicon Power was founded in 1994 by Harshad Mehta after he bought GE’s high-power semiconductor manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.

Odisha is a state located in eastern India on the Bay of Bengal. It has a population of around 45 million and its capital, Bhubaneswar, is renowned for its ancient Hindu temples. It was also recently announced as being one of India’s first ‘smart cities’. Its economy had traditionally been based around mining and raw materials, but it has shown signs of diversification in recent years, helped in part by increasing levels of foreign direct investment.