US-based deluxe packaging manufacturer Knoll Packaging has announced plans to open a new factory in the Philippines in January 2023. The sustainable facility will span 8,000m2 and feature a full rooftop solar array, rainwater collection for reuse and a low carbon footprint.

The new site is located in a duty-free trade zone close to Manila Port that offers 0% VAT for imports and exports. Several multinational companies also operate facilities within the free zone, including Epson, Dyson and Honda.

In a press release chief executive officer Jeremy Cohen commented: “This project is a continuation of our regionalisation initiatives globally, it gives us opportunities for cost containment, and full control of employee engagement in Asia, which is high on our priority list and a core part of our DNA. With our automation and continued innovation this will establish our position for growth globally well into the future.”

Knoll Packaging is headquartered in Syosset, New York, and operates sales offices in France, Hong Kong and the UK as well as manufacturing facilities in China.