France-based Novares, a manufacturer of plastic automotive parts, has invested $1.75m (€1.65m) in a new factory in Santa Ana, Mexico. The 8,014m2 facility will produce a range of automotive components for the company’s international clients, including plastic tubes for emission control applications and moulded parts for oil separators.

Novares has relocated its existing tube assembly operations from its US site in Richmond, Wisconsin, and from a nearby location in Santa Ana to the new factory. It plans to employ approximately 400 staff at the plant.

Chief executive officer Pierre Boulet commented: “This is a significant investment by Novares in our Mexican production facilities, designed to bring this activity under one roof and concentrate our expertise in one place, optimising costs and benefits for our customers. The site is 100km south of the US border, simplifying supply chains to the North American market. The site will bring more opportunities for local employment and a new chapter in our Mexican manufacturing journey.”