Singapore-based Cargobase, the developer of a global logistics tech platform for enterprise shipping companies, has opened a new office in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City. The new branch will serve customers across North America.

In a press release, chief executive officer Wiebe Helder commented: “Prior to the pandemic, we were already seeing companies across industries expand and move their manufacturing activities from the US and Asia to Mexico. During the pandemic, we noticed that more companies are, as well, setting up logistics operations and control towers in Mexico to serve the entire North American region. As part of a new generation of logistics tech companies with a focus on automation and globalisation, our presence in Mexico facilitates us working alongside our customers to improve our offering and ensure our customers’ continued success.”

Cargobase also citied Mexico City’s talent pool from local universities as a key factor in opening the new office. The company plans to create ten new jobs by the end of the third quarter of 2022. It will hire customer success and sales staff who will primarily focus on the local automotive and electronic manufacturing market.

In addition, the Mexico City branch will serve as a hub for new and existing customers in South America, following Cargobase’s success in countries such as Brazil and Uruguay.