Denmark-based dairy company Arla has officially opened a €190m ($203.3m) expansion of its production plant in Pronsfeld, Germany. The project represents Arla’s biggest investment in a single site to date and will help meet growing global demand for the company’s products.

The new manufacturing facility features a 51m-high drying tower and can process 685 million kilos of milk annually. It will produce an end product of about 90,000 tonnes of high-quality milk powder.

In a press release, chief executive officer Peder Tubrogh commented: “I am very pleased to inaugurate the expansion of our Pronsfeld dairy today. Securing that as many as possible have access to a good, nutritious diet every day is one of the biggest challenges we face globally. As part of our recently launched Future26 strategy, we will strengthen and expand our business in international markets such as the Middle East, west Africa and south-east Asia, where the demand for affordable, nutritious dairy products exceeds local production as well as local supply.”

The Pronsfeld dairy currently employs 1,000 staff and produces products for around 70 countries worldwide.