California-based AiDash, a software company that enables satellite and AI-powered operations, maintenance and sustainability for the utility and energy market, has opened a new office in London. The new branch will allow the company to better serve existing local clients and expand its presence across Europe. In addition, the opening strengthens AiDash’s commitment to fighting climate change.

The company plans to hire between ten and 20 highly skilled staff at the office, including data scientists, engineers, ecologists and economists.

Chief executive officer Abhishek Singh said: “London is the perfect place for AiDash to have offices in the UK, and we look forward to making our technology available across Europe and the world. The need for integrated platforms to enable companies to comply with environmental regulations and achieve sustainability goals is a matter of great pride in advancing to meet the need for AiDash and to contribute to intercontinental reduction as the effects of climate change are growing rapidly.”

The UK government plans to introduce new environmental laws to strengthen regulations on sustainable land use, including a net increase of at least 10% in biodiversity.