The cryptocurrency industry is heavily dominated by male executives, according to a new study.

New research by Forex Suggest, a Luxembourg-based financial broker, has analysed the top 50 crypto company founders and those in leadership positions, as well as followers and earnings of influencers, to discover the top female crypto leaders.

It found that, of the 50 leading CEOs in the crypto industry, only three are women. Beneath the CEO level, Forex Suggest looked at 259 other senior leadership positions. It found that 201 of these roles were occupied by men, and just 58 by women, meaning 77.6% of leadership positions are occupied by men while only 22.4% are taken by women.

Forex Suggest also identified the blockchain companies with the best female representation in leadership positions, finding that Chainalysis had a 46% share of female leadership (the highest in the industry), followed by BitOasis (42%), Coinbase (33.3%), Elliptic (33.3%) and Circle (33.3%).