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Invest in Finland’s mission is to help your business grow and prosper in Finland.

Invest in Finland is Finland’s official investment promotion agency, offering a wide range of services for international companies and investors. Invest in Finland is part of Business Finland, the Finnish innovation funding, trade, investment and travel promotion organisation.


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Invest in Finland’s mission is to help your business grow and prosper in Finland.

We provide industry insights, tailored recommendations and practical support to meet your needs when planning, establishing or expanding your operations in Finland. From opportunity analysis to information on different kinds of investments, mergers and acquisitions, research partnerships and access to Finland’s lively innovation ecosystems, we have the expertise and contacts to support your business all the way. Invest in Finland’s industry experts help you with getting to know the Finnish industry clusters, companies, research institutes and universities. Our professional services are confidential and complimentary.

Invest in Finland works nationally and in close cooperation with our regional partners. We are part of Business Finland – the Finnish innovation funding, trade, investment and travel promotion organisation. Headquartered in Helsinki, Business Finland is fully owned by the Finnish government and employs 600 experts in 40 offices globally, as well as 20 regional offices around Finland. Business Finland is also part of the Team Finland network.

White Papers

  • Hub for radical innovations from wood

    With expertise and resources in further product formulation and the creation of value-added products, Finland’s thriving bioeconomy offers excellent business and partnering opportunities for international companies. Everything that is made from oil today can be made from wood in the future – and in Finland we are already doing it!

  • Finland: A global leader in future health innovations

    Welcome to Finland Health Factbook 2021! This digital booklet presents you with the emerging business opportunities in the field of health and well-being in Finland. If you are on the lookout for the Next Big Thing, we warmly invite you to take a moment – and to explore the many ways Finland can contribute to the success of your business.

  • Incentives Fact Sheet

    Foreign-owned companies in Finland are eligible for a wide range of government and EU incentives on an equal footing with Finnish-owned companies.

  • The Invest in Finland Factbook

    The Invest in Finland Factbook is created for companies that seek sustainable growth. It explores the ways Finland can contribute to business success, including incentives for foreign-owned companies. As you might have already noticed, Finland often ranks among the leaders in various international comparisons. The information in this booklet is backed by facts and statistics from reliable third parties. We also highlight some comments from international business leaders with experience in doing business in Finland. We know that each business is unique, and that every investment requires careful analysis and planning. Tell us about your business needs – and let’s discuss what Finland could offer you.

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