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Stavros Lambouris

Stavros Lambouris is the CEO at HYCM International.

What’s the outlook for oil prices for the rest of 2023?

When assessing oil prices through the second half of 2023, factors such as economic growth, inventory levels and supply must be assessed.

Is it gold’s time to run?

Gold prices have been rising as investors seek a safe haven asset in the midst of economic uncertainty – but will this run last?

Assessing the future of copper

Copper is undergoing some short-term volatility, but that shouldn’t put investors off the commodity, as its long-term prospects remain good, as Stavros Lambouris of HYCM describes.

The changing world of crypto trading – will Wall Street or regulators change the game?

Cryptocurrencies have altered the financial landscape to a significant extent, but regulators could yet change this dynamic.