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Lauren Holtmeier is an editor at GlobalData.

How the aerospace industry is soaring to new heights in the US Midwest

Missouri’s aerospace industry is set to be boosted by recent developments such as Boeing’s $1.8bn expansion project. We explore the factors that are contributing to the success of defence and aviation businesses in the Midwest.

How is the US economy performing under Joe Biden: the key markers

Under Joe Biden’s presidency, the US economy has generated both good and bad news, which will be key issues as he seeks re-election in 2024.

Why the UAE is one of the fastest growing medical tourism destinations

The medical tourism industry is growing worldwide, and Abu Dhabi is fast becoming a destination of choice in the Middle East. Already home to world-leading healthcare facilities and pioneering labs, Abu Dhabi is attracting world-class medical innovators looking to capitalise on a growing market.

Ahead in the cloud: Introducing world-leading digital infrastructure in Abu Dhabi

With public cloud spending in the UAE expected to reach USD 3.2 billion in 2026, Abu Dhabi is becoming a leading hub for technology and innovation. Global pioneers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, G42, Bespin Global and Oracle are providing world-class digital infrastructure for public and private organisations in Abu Dhabi.

The rise of DeFi in the Middle East

Decentralised finance (DeFi) is offering new opportunities for efficiency and service integration in financial services, and by 2028, the global DeFi platform market is expected to reach a value of USD 508bn, with a combined annual growth rate of 44%.

How Abu Dhabi became home to the world’s first regulated carbon exchange & clearing house

As the climate crisis becomes critical, carbon exchanges offer a new way to meet decarbonisation and net-zero targets – and Abu Dhabi has become the first jurisdiction in the world to fully licence and regulate commoditised carbon credits and allowances

Erdoğan, earthquakes and Turkey’s rise and fall

The earthquakes that shook Turkey in February seem to have dented President Erdoğan’s popularity. Will he be punished at the polls?

How the World Cup in Qatar is affecting Dubai’s real estate sector

Some Dubai landlords are transforming units usually leased long-term into short-term lets to accommodate World Cup fans unable to stay in Qatar.