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Irenie Forshaw is a commercial content feature writer at New Statesman Media Group.

Florida strengthens its position as a launch pad for Latin American success

How Costa Rica emerged as a leading provider of software partnerships

As competition for digital talent intensifies, enterprises are fostering partnerships with Costa Rica’s innovative software ecosystem to help bridge the digital skills gap.

How Finland is growing its status as a world-leading healthcare innovation hub

The pandemic has accelerated the already booming healthtech market. Why is Finland uniquely well-positioned to help drive this growth and where can foreign investors expect to find the most value?

How Costa Rica is leveraging and exporting creative talent

Traditionally, ‘creatives’ were the people enterprises sought to keep in-house, but a growing number of Costa Rican service providers are leveraging technology and talent to transform perceptions. We learn how the country’s services sector is putting the creativity into co-creation.

Instruments for investment: How Costa Rica is expanding its offerings in a booming medtech sector

Costa Rica’s medtech industry continues to thrive, building on two decades of transformational growth in the country and consolidating its position as a prime nearshoring destination. What accounts for its success in attracting foreign investors in the life sciences sector – and how are its capabilities evolving?

How Costa Rica delivers inclusive and sustainable trade across the digital economy

What makes Costa Rica a prime destination for building inclusive, sustainable partnerships? And how are the country’s digital service providers helping to position those values at the heart of their enterprises, empowering and improving their people and partners in the process?

Innovation the key to Finland’s sustainable economic growth

Finland has emerged as a prime destination for research, development and innovation, but how is the country going to new lengths to incentivise foreign investors to choose Finland as a base for innovation – and which sectors stand to gain the most?

How digital transformation is driving foreign demand for Costa Rican ICT services

Companies are under growing pressure to accelerate digital transformation. As the scale and scope of projects intensifies, how are IT outsourcing strategies being impacted and what makes Costa Rica a prime location for forging nearshore ICT partnerships?

How investors are finding lasting, sustainable value in Finland

The Finns consistently rank ahead of their larger neighbours when it comes to attracting inward investment, but changing investor priorities mean a new set of challenges and opportunities in the FDI space. How is the country overcoming preconceptions about the Nordic economies, and continuing to build upon past success?

How Costa Rica is demonstrating the value of partner ecosystems in industry 4.0

The value of creating dynamic partner ecosystems cannot be overstated when it comes to successfully participating in industry 4.0. What makes Costa Rica a destination of choice for forging such relationships, and how are recent events changing priorities?