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Douglas van den Berghe is an expert on FDI, SEZs and competitiveness. He is the CEO of and FDI 4.0.

Douglas van den Berghe

Who is in the driving seat when it comes to globalisation?

Globalisation is high on the agenda among governments and business leaders, but who (or what) is driving its future? Martin Kaspar and Douglas van den Berghe look into the question.

The future of special economic zones – a best practice model

Special economic zones have been hit hard by Covid-19 and changes in attitudes to incentives. So how can they prosper in the future? Douglas van den Berghe offers a model to answer this question.

Are you ready for FDI 4.0?

FDI 4.0 is a cross-border project that involves industry 4.0. No country or company can afford to ignore it.

How to avoid your FDI project turning into a nightmare

Dreaming of an international expansion for your company? Consider these cautionary tips from FDI consultant Douglas van den Berghe first.

What can investment promotion agencies do for you?

IPAs can help to alleviate many of the pain points in the investment process – if a company knows what to do with them. FDI consultant Douglas van den Berghe offers guidance on getting the most out of the relationship.

Is the FDI model still fit for purpose?

It may be time to rethink – and disrupt – the entire concept of foreign direct investment and its place in the world, argues FDI consultant Douglas van den Berghe.

A guide to FDI: When should economic zones be considered?

FDI consultant Douglas van den Berghe provides an explainer on economic zones and what considerations companies might make when weighing up whether to locate in such areas.

A guide to FDI: What is the point of incentives?

Why do governments provide incentives to companies investing in their country? Is a location going to be cut out just because it cannot give away a million dollars? FDI expert Douglas van den Berghe explains.