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The ways Scotland is future-proofing its workforce 

The global workforce shortage and the growing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) present considerable challenges for businesses and workers alike. We examine the importance of digital skills and the measures being taken in Scotland to future-proof its workforce in existing industries, as well as new areas such as robotics and advanced tech.

Green whisky: The Scottish distilleries turning to hydrogen to decarbonise

Whisky is one of Scotland’s biggest and most famous industries, and renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is shaping up to be another on the path to net zero. We explore how fuel-switching to hydrogen could significantly reduce the carbon footprint of distilleries across the country.

Offshore wind: How Scotland is resolving energy talent challenges

To reach net zero, millions more skilled workers will be needed around the world within the next two decades and beyond. We look at how Scotland’s offshore wind industry is understanding the scale of the workforce challenge and taking action to address it.

ScotWind: The scale of Scotland’s ambitions in floating wind

Unlocking the full potential of offshore wind energy is key to reaching net zero. We explore how through the ScotWind leasing round, 30GW could be harnessed in Scotland.

Quantum leap: Creating commercial opportunities for advanced tech in Scotland

For quantum technologies to fulfil their immense potential, the right conditions for growth and development are essential. We explore how technological innovations are being supported in Scotland and the commercial opportunities that await.

New frontiers for sustainability in Scotland’s space sector

The Scottish space industry is set to play a crucial role in environmental monitoring and net-zero ambitions. Benchmark Space Systems’ Luke Vanstone and Scottish Enterprise’s Sharon Pryde discuss the growing space sector, sustainability, and why Scotland is ideal for growth and innovation.

How Scotland is embracing the power of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to deliver substantial efficiencies across many sectors. In Scotland, AI innovations are already making a positive difference in the lives of the population and boosting industrial productivity.

Heat networks: The innovative projects decarbonising heating in Scotland

District heating offers a vital opportunity for large-scale decarbonisation of the energy used by homes and businesses, with Scotland backing the roll-out through some notable innovations.

Floating wind: How Scottish energy innovations can reduce oil & gas emissions

The oil & gas industry continues to be a vital driver of global economic activity – yet its carbon footprint must be reduced to meet net-zero targets. In Scotland, there are advanced plans in the INTOG leasing round to decrease emissions by using electricity from offshore wind turbines, alongside other innovations that will push the technological boundaries.

Hot spot: How Scotland is expanding its heat pump industry

Heat pumps are often spoken of as the great hope in decarbonising the heating of homes, reportedly able to cut 90% a year from all household emissions while also reducing energy bills. In this article, we learn how Scotland is quickly developing into a manufacturing hub for heat pumps to meet surging demand, with Mitsubishi Electric a key contributor.