Hong Kong-based SenseTime, a global AI software company, has opened a new $880m next-generation AI data centre (AIDC) in the Lingang New Area of Shanghai, China. The centre spans 130,000m2, holds 5,000 computer racks and has a designed computing capacity of 3.74 exaFlops.

The new data centre will work alongside SenseTime’s 23 existing AI supercomputing clusters, which are located across strategic geographic markets. The Lingang AIDC will serve companies across various sectors, with a specific focus on the smart business, smart city, smart life and smart auto industries.

In a press release, chief executive officer Dr Xu Li commented: “The launch of SenseTime’s AIDC is a major milestone in our continuous endeavour to build a universal infrastructure for AI innovation. It provides the critical foundations and resources for us to drive digitalisation and sustainable development in all walks of life with universal AI capabilities.”

In December 2021, SenseTime postponed its initial public offering (IPO) after being placed on the US government’s investment blacklist. The move prohibits US investors from buying the company’s stock. The Biden administration in the US accused SenseTime’s facial recognition technology of enabling human rights abuses against Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province. The company has denied the claims.

Despite these allegations, SenseTime raised $740m in its IPO in late December 2021.