Switzerland-based Juice Technology, a producer of portable charging stations and software for electric vehicles (EV), has expanded into the North American market through the launch of a new subsidiary.

Juice Americas  is headquartered in the state of Delaware and focused on supporting and growing strategic business relationships with US-based EV manufacturers and partners. The announcement follows the launch of Zhejiang Juice Technology in Hangzhou, China in April 2021.

In a press release, CEO Christoph Erni commented on the company’s decision to expand into the US market, saying: “Public policymaking and the economy in the US are now pointing in the right direction. The federal government’s entire fleet of official cars – some 645,000 vehicles – is to be electrified, and the major automakers such as General Motors are now pushing advancements in mobility change, and planning to electrify all their vehicles by 2035. This is why today is the right time to plant our flag in the US.”