Germany-based semiconductor manufacturer Infineon has opened a new factory in Cegléd, Hungary. The company has invested €100m ($97m) in the new fab facility and received support from the Hungarian government. The factory will assemble and test high-power semiconductor modules for the electrification of vehicles.

In a press release, chief operating officer Rutger Wijburg commented: “Cegléd already has a strong track record in enabling green energy. The new manufacturing capacities will help Infineon accommodate the growing demand for electromobility applications.”

By 2027, it is estimated that cars with fully or partially electrified drivetrains will account for more than half of the total vehicles produced.

Infineon plans to employ 275 staff at the new site, bringing its total headcount in Cegléd to approximately 1,600.

Infineon is a global market leader in automotive semiconductors. In 2021, almost every second electric or hybrid car produced used Infineon semiconductors in its inverter.