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Deal focus: what do the Renault-Geely and Tata deals tell us about post-Brexit UK?

Tata and Renault-Geely have announced huge deals for the UK. Is this a vote of confidence in Brexit Britain?

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How can the East African Community fulfil its FDI potential?

FDI into the East African Community is patchy and focused on a handful of sectors. Will the bloc be able to alter this situation?

‘Carlsberg and Danone got what they deserved for not leaving Russia’: which foreign companies will Putin seize next?

For the second time this year, Russia has seized the assets of companies from "unfriendly" states. Hundreds more may be nationalised.

Why geopolitical risk should inform ESG strategies

Geopolitical risk is now a huge issue for companies when trying to fulfil their ESG policies. How can the two be balanced?

Broadcom announces $1bn semiconductor investment in Spain

US-headquartered semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom will invest $1bn in Spain under the European Chips Act.

What is the Black Sea Grain Initiative (the ‘Ukraine grain deal’) and why does it matter?

Russia has announced that it will not be extending the Black Sea Grain Initiative. Could this usher in a new global food supply crisis?

As Washington leads sanctions against Russia, US companies continue to pay the Kremlin the highest amount of tax

The US has led a coalition of allies that have successfully overseen widespread sanctions on Russia. However, US companies are still making vast profits in the country.