Brabant is strategically located in north-western Europe in-between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Europe’s leading seaport in Rotterdam, the Port of Antwerp, Brussels, and the major German economic heartland of the Rhine-Ruhr region. Brabant boasts rapid and direct access to key markets in Europe. The region offers excellent logistical connections to these markets and the rest of the world via road, rail, barge and three major international airports within one-hour’s travel time: Amsterdam/ Brussels/ Dusseldorf.

Our location drives innovation, and innovation drives our location. From working together as farmers to turn sand ground into fertile soil to today’s business culture of working together, collaborating and co-creating solutions to tackle the world’s major challenges, companies that put down roots in Brabant rapidly become part of our innovative ecosystem. We particularly excel in high-tech systems & materials, life sciences & health, agri-food and IT. Our location, combined with our open and collaborative community, helps companies that locate here accelerate their innovation and fast-track their products or services to market.

In Brabant, every component, every conceivable machine, every possible integrated system or cyber-physical system can be invented, designed, developed, produced and assembled, marketed, commercialised and maintained – even remotely, if necessary. Four patent applications per day emanate from this veritable hotbed of R&D, accounting for 50% of all Dutch patent applications, making it Europe’s fastest-evolving tech/industrial ecosystem.

In Brabant, it is literally fast-forward to the future, with no less than eight innovation campuses. The long-established open innovation and collaboration culture helps to fast-track innovation, development and entrepreneurship in helping solve societal challenges and making the region a true innovation accelerator. A warm, hospitable and welcoming nature, openness and a desire to collaborate are renowned Brabant characteristics.



Brabant is Bright is an initiative from the Brabant Development Agency to promote the region of Brabant abroad. Based in Tilburg, the Brabant Development Agency offers a comprehensive range of services and support designed to provide you with information and the network you need to explore new business opportunities in the region of Brabant, the Netherlands.

Our role is to attract and connect foreign companies and trade partners to Brabant. We can offer you our support when it comes to: finding sites or real estate; building and environmental permits; labour market analysis; talent acquisition; benchmarking locations with other regions/countries; business climate information; matchmaking for logistics; employment regulations; fact-finding visits; energy scan; and incentives overviews. We have relevant networks in the regional private and public sector. We also provide hands-on support to companies in Brabant growing their business abroad. We offer valuable contacts in foreign countries, trade missions, seminars, market information and available funding.