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Viola Caon

Viola Caon is a senior editor at Investment Monitor, focusing on infrastructure, logistics and the Americas market. She joined from Euromoney’s IJGlobal, where she covered private investment in energy and infrastructure for the past four years after covering the asset management sector more broadly. Viola has extensive knowledge of the institutional investment world and has focused on fund investments both in infrastructure and across other asset classes at a global level since the beginning of her career in 2012.

FDI in renewable energy: A success story

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to net zero, making renewable energy a growing attraction for FDI.

In conversation with: Jon Phillips, acting CEO of the Global Infrastructure Investor Association

Jon Phillips of the GIIA discusses net-zero targets, the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical events.

Asia-Pacific continues to dominate the global semiconductor market

The semiconductor industry has suffered significant shortages during the pandemic, meaning it is still highly dependent on Asia-Pacific.

How will drone corridors change the logistics sector?

The global drone logistics and transport market is set to grow exponentially in the next five years. What are its benefits and challenges?

What contribution does FDI make towards infrastructure investing?

Infrastructure investing is by nature an FDI business, and the growing importance of the global economy’s energy transition will sustain foreign capital flows into the sector.

Invest Jamaica 2022: “Jamaica is open for business”

Government officials and investors all hailed a new era for foreign business at the Invest Jamaica 2022 business conference.

What does the future hold for San Antonio’s fast-growing economy?

San Antonio in Texas is the US’s largest majority-Hispanic city in the US. Can this help it to attract more FDI?

Why does Italy struggle to attract FDI?

Despite being the EU’s third-largest economy, Italy attracts significantly fewer FDI projects than Germany and France. Why is that?

The US is headed for a recession – what does this mean?

The US is headed for a recession in 2023, warns TS Lombard. What kind of impact could this have on the rest of the world?

What are digital twin cities and why do they matter?

With the digital twin cities market expected to grow sixfold by 2026, industry players are busy creating a harmonised operational framework.