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Nour Ghantous is a reporter based in London. She is a graduate of the MSc in Humanitarian Engineering at Warwick University, where she authored a consultancy report investigating the feasibility of installing wind turbines on campus. She has previously written for Lacuna magazine and the Boar. Contact Nour at: nour.ghantous [at]

COP27: The underdogs did most of the work in week one. Now what?

The annual UN climate conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, started off on a high, but negotiations are stalling.

COP27: Ukraine energy company DTEK maintains net-zero goal

The CEO of Ukraine’s largest private energy investor, DTEK, talks to Energy Monitor about climate ambition, renewables and FDI.

Is Saudi Arabia’s ‘The Line’ just an oil crisis failsafe? 

Plans to build a carbon-free utopia for nine million residents while ramping up oil production raise uncertainties about Saudi Arabia’s motivation for its NEOM project ‘The Line’. 

The Energy Charter Treaty has not aged well

The Energy Charter Treaty allows fossil fuel investors to sue countries for imposing laws that jeopardise their investments. Despite warnings that new oil and gas fields must be banned for the world to decarbonise by 2050, treaty signatories will protect fossil fuel production for at least another decade.

Dressing up for Earth Day: Fast fashion’s greenwashed guise 

As policymakers train their eyes on textiles, fast fashion sticks out like a needle-pricked thumb. Can an industry running on fossil fuels and slave labour exist in a sustainable world?