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Neil Rami

Neil Rami is chief executive of the West Midlands Growth Company. Supported by local authorities, universities and a wide range of regional businesses, the WMGC was established in 2017 to create jobs, expand existing businesses and attract new inward investment and visitors to the region. Its plans are aligned to the ambitions set out in the West Midlands Combined Authority’s Strategic Economic Plan.

What legacy will the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games leave for the West Midlands?

The 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham were a great success, but for it to leave a lasting legacy, more FDI into the West Midlands is needed.

Local economies are key to the UK’s global ambitions

The UK’s local economies can play a huge part in creating a ‘Global Britain’, but they must be given the autonomy to attract FDI and level themselves up.

The UK cannot ‘level up’ unless FDI imbalances are addressed

The UK’s FDI playing field is uneven, and this is preventing the country from levelling up and competing on the world stage, writes Neil Rami of the West Midlands Growth Company.