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Nataliia Popovych

Nataliia Popovych is a civic activist, international communications expert and entrepreneur, founder of One Philosophy, a communications and management consultancy, and, a repository of truth about Russia-Ukrainian war and a global engagement and advocacy platform for promoting the Ukrainian resilience. Natalia has been at the forefront of Ukraine’s efforts to counter the Russian hybrid warfare since 2014. She is a co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center, one of the leading NGOs in Ukraine countering Russia’s disinformation established after the Revolution of Dignity.

The price of silence: How keeping quiet and doing business as usual in Russia risks public backlash

Many Western companies continue to operate in Russia. If their morals won’t cause them to leave the country, a public backlash might, writes Nataliia Popovych.

The foreign companies that were the quickest and slowest to pull out of Russia

Some of the oldest foreign companies in Russia are among the first, and last, companies to take political action. Nataliia Popovych and Olena Snezhko report.