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Martin Kaspar

Dr Martin G Kaspar is head of corporate development at a German Mittelstands company.

Is FDI in trouble?

With ever more stringent regulations, rising protectionism and falling project numbers, Martin Kaspar assesses just how much trouble FDI is in.

How to solve the supply chain problems created by ESG legislation

ESG-related legislation is doing more harm than good in Western countries, with supply chains under threat from well-meaning but heavy-handed rules.

What is driving the companies leading the reshoring trend?

Reshoring back to high-labour-cost countries has become a more common theme in recent years, with automation one of the drivers behind this move.

Who is in the driving seat when it comes to globalisation?

Globalisation is high on the agenda among governments and business leaders, but who (or what) is driving its future? Martin Kaspar and Douglas van den Berghe look into the question.

The EU must reform to avoid becoming a state of stasis and despair

The EU must find a way to break the inertia caused by its inability to agree on important decisions. Is reform the answer?

The complicated reality of weaning Europe off Russian energy

Europe’s energy policy has been changed forever by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Pragmatic long-term plans based on compromises are needed, not grand do-good gestures.

The record profits of shipping companies will contribute to their demise

Shipping companies made huge profits in 2021, but their conduct in this time will only harbour resentment in the coming years, writes Martin Kaspar.

Brexit still leaves many unanswered questions for the EU

The impacts of the UK’s departure from the EU are being played out, but Brexit also presents challenges for the EU, which are not being met.

Our ideas about start-up ecosystems are increasingly off the mark

Start-ups can’t get the funding they require in Europe and must turn to the US. This is the common consensus, but as Martin Kaspar writes, it is also outdated.

Targeting strategies of IPAs – boon or bane?

By targeting certain types of foreign investment, IPAs are missing out on much more than they are gaining, writes FDI specialist Martin Kaspar.