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A wealth of over 14 years of editorial experience having worked on titles for the John Lewis Partnership and the ITP Group in Dubai, Hannah joined Aroq in 2014 as News Editor on Just Food before landing the role of News Editor on Just Style. In her current role as Deputy Editor on Just Style, Hannah enjoys covering more challenging subjects and exploring the impact of current affairs on global supply chains.

Hannah Abdulla

The US’s questionable employment of prison labour is adding to domestic clothing makers’ woes

‘Made in America’ – it should be promising for US-based clothing manufacturers. But a loophole awarding contracts to US prisons means they are fighting a losing battle. And then there’s the forced labour concern. AAFA’s CEO and president Steve Lamar, tells us more.

Investment in Sri Lanka apparel industry gives country glimmer of good news amid crisis

Investors continue to show interest in Sri Lanka’s apparel and textile industry despite ongoing political turbulence in the country.