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Glenn Barklie is chief economist at Investment Monitor and head of FDI services at Global Data Media. He was previously with Financial Times, where he was the head of benchmarking services for fDi Intelligence. With almost 15 years’ experience in FDI and economic development, he has worked with many government agencies and corporates, specialising in location benchmarking, rankings and investment trends as well as managing FDI databases.

Glenn Barklie

The ten largest countries in the world (and their investment strengths)

India and China are the largest countries in the world, but which others make up the top ten and what kind of investment do they attract?

Volkswagen’s PowerCo to establish a battery gigafactory in Ontario, Canada

Europe’s largest automaker, Volkswagen, will build an electric vehicle battery gigafactory in St Thomas, Ontario.

Opinion: New Brexit deal can only be a good thing for Northern Ireland

The new Brexit deal will see a change to the way goods enter Northern Ireland from Great Britain, which will give the country an economic boost.

Which countries have the highest levels of inflation in 2023?

The countries with the highest inflation levels in 2023 are mostly developing, with Turkey and Argentina having the highest levels in the G20.

China’s FDI decline: Why are foreign companies decreasing their dependency on Asian giant?

FDI into China is declining as companies decrease their dependency on the country amid geopolitics, rising costs and supply chain concerns.

What were the top FDI themes in 2022?

Digitalisation was the top FDI theme in 2022, while ESG was the fastest growing as technology dominated the FDI scene.

Top five FDI projects in 2022 for job creation

India was the dominant destination market when it came to job creation in FDI projects in 2022, benefitting from China’s troubles.

The top five FDI deals in 2022

Semiconductor investments dominated the largest FDI deals in 2022 as Intel, SK, TSMC and Vedanta all announced overseas mega-projects.

FDI forecasts and trends to watch in 2023

Greenfield FDI is expected to decline in 2023 after growing yet again in 2022. The economic turmoil of 2022 will finally begin to impact FDI levels, especially in H1 2023, but can countries recover quickly?

Why low unemployment rates are a bad thing

Low unemployment rates are generally associated with favourable economic conditions. However, there are instances when they are bad for the economy.