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Glenn Barklie is chief economist at Investment Monitor and head of FDI services at Global Data Media. He was previously with Financial Times, where he was the head of benchmarking services for fDi Intelligence. With almost 15 years’ experience in FDI and economic development, he has worked with many government agencies and corporates, specialising in location benchmarking, rankings and investment trends as well as managing FDI databases.

FDI forecasts and trends to watch in 2024

What are the key FDI trends to expect in 2024? And how will companies navigate a tricky investment landscape?

Cambodia expected to lead in FDI in 2024

In 2022, FDI net inflows into Cambodia reached 11.9% of the country’s GDP, according to the World Bank.

Deal focus: will Turkey tempt Tesla?

A rejuvenated President Erdoğan has told Elon Musk that he wants a Tesla factory in Turkey. The problem is, he is part of a very long queue.

Which are the best-performing US states when it comes to attracting foreign investment?

When assessing foreign investment into the US by state, Delaware and South Carolina are shown to punch well above their weight.

Deal focus: how much did Biden administration help entice Maxeon Solar Technologies to New Mexico?

Maxeon Solar’s investment in sun-soaked New Mexico seems like a natural fit, but did the US Government help tip the scales on the deal?

UK inflation rate falls again, but why is it still so high?

UK inflation stood at 6.8% in the 12 months to July 2023, down from 7.9% in June. This is good news, but why is the rate remaining so stubbornly high?

Deal focus: why has Germany spent so much to entice TSMC?

TSMC will open a semiconductor plant in Germany worth €10bn, but €5bn will come from government subsidies. So why is this deal so valuable?

Deal focus: does ZF Friedrichshafen investment show Wuhan’s reputation has recovered from Covid damage?

Wuhan in China had the misfortune to be considered the ‘birthplace of Covid’. Does a major investment from ZF Friedrichshafen show the city’s reputational damage has been minimal?

London and Northern Ireland top UK Inward Investment Regional Competitiveness Index

When assessing foreign investment into the UK on a regional basis, Northern Ireland in particular punches above its weight.

FDI into the Asia-Pacific region in 2022

Greenfield foreign investment into Asia-Pacific surpassed pre-Covid levels for the first time in 2022 after strong growth in project numbers, but which countries and sectors are leading the way?