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Giles Coghlan is chief currency analyst at HYCM, an online provider of foreign exchange and contracts for difference trading services for both retail and institutional traders.

Giles Coghlan

How are investors handling their portfolios as recession threatens the UK?

The UK stands on the brink of recession, leading investors in the country to revert to their safe-haven assets.

Shifting sentiments and ESG investments: How is the Russia-Ukraine conflict shaping the energy markets?

In the aftermath of the COP26 event in 2021, all the talk was of net-zero and ESG investments. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed everything, writes Giles Coghlan of HYCM.

Two months into the Russia-Ukraine conflict, how are investors reacting?

Russia invaded Ukraine two months ago, but the conflict has not yet seen investors reacting in a panicked way, says Giles Coghlan of HYCM.