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Giacomo Lee is themes editor for Verdict. He has covered tech, innovation and B2B for the BBC, City Monitor, IDG and more.

If the UK is to escape cheap labour using automation, it will need more than just Ocado robots

An automated workforce can help make up for labour shortages in countries with low fertility rates, so why is the UK so far behind the game when it comes to robotics?

The biggest M&A deals show a world reopen for business

The third quarter of 2021 saw global M&A deal values give cause for optimism, with the biggest recorded deal in the apparel sector.

Zoom edtech chief: Bricks-and-mortar universities will be next to face digital disruption

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a surge in interest in edtech, but how much will it shake up the world of face-to-face education?

Business professionals see greenwashing as a major issue, but genuine net-zero action doesn’t have to mean red ink

Concerns continue around the major energy theme of sustainability and the ever-prevalent issue of greenwashing.

The metaverse: Future of post-pandemic business, or just another attempt to kickstart VR/AR adoption?

Tech business leaders are talking up the metaverse. But is this anything more than yet another attempt to get everyone using virtual reality?

Why Covid-19 didn’t hurt tech brands’ appetite for Asian investment

Companies have reason to be sceptical about investing in Asia in general, and in China in particular, but Asian investment could still be a good bet.

What emerging technologies are keeping CEOs up at night?

The AI winter seems to have arrived, with augmented reality now winning the emerging technologies race.

Blockchain use is about more than NFTs and dogecoin. It’s about you.

Blockchain use around the world proves more valuable than the most overpriced NFTs, giving people a worth that can perhaps be more fairly weighted on the blockchain.

Technology and the future of work: A lot more than just Zoom calls

As much of the world realigns how it works in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence looks set to become a greater future force in the professional world.

Digital twins in oil: How futuristic tech is keeping fossil fuels alive

The use of digital twin technology is increasingly assisting oil and gas companies, making them more profitable and keeping their operations running for longer.