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Senior writer Dave Keating is a US journalist and conference moderator covering European affairs from Brussels, with a focus on environment and energy. He has worked for France24 and Forbes. Contact Dave at: dave.keating [at]

EU to launch quest for raw materials critical for cleantech

The EU Critical Raw Materials Act to be adopted next month will focus on securing Europe’s supply of building blocks for the energy transition.

Opinion: COP27 concludes with loss and damage fund but no increased mitigation ambition

European diplomats say the COP27 deal is a bad outcome, but they had to support it or risk killing the loss and damage fund.

COP27: Cities are essential in the climate fight, says former Lord Mayor of Dublin

Alison Gilliland, former Lord Mayor of Dublin, wants cities to have more of a formal role in the UN climate talks at COP27.

Brussels pleads with countries to stay in the Energy Charter Treaty

EU countries are voting with their feet, quitting the investor protection pact despite the EU’s efforts to reform it – but the European Commission warns it will be worse to be outside than in.

Baltic Sea renewables could be key to defending EU from Putin

EU countries surrounding the Baltic Sea have vowed to rapidly develop new energy projects and create a ‘Hanseatic Renewables League’.

Can the G7’s “climate club” fill in the gaps to deliver on Paris?

The leaders of the world’s seven largest economies have promised a “climate club” and new funds to help developing countries combat and adapt to climate change – but the details are murky.

EU’s Russian oil ban: What to expect for energy markets

Some countries worried pipeline oil via Hungary would distort the European market, but the bigger impact may be on global markets as a result of a ban on insuring Russian oil shipments.

Opinion: EU Parliament’s CBAM spat could delay a carbon border tax by years

MEPs have effectively killed legislation to establish a levy on EU imports from countries without stringent climate legislation.

EU’s carbon border tax moving (too?) fast

The EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism now picking up speed in the European Parliament will have ripple effects worldwide – some of which could be unintended and counter-intuitive, businesses warn.

As Ukraine war rumbles on, EU looks to turn energy promises into actions

The European Commission is poised to unveil legislative proposals underpinning March’s REPowerEU plan to wean the EU off Russian fossil fuels. Campaigners fear the EU will still prioritise new fossil fuels over energy efficiency and renewables.