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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including international relations, conflict, geopolitics, tech disruption and sportswashing.

Alex Blair

Samsung poses threat to Taiwan’s ‘silicon shield’

Taiwan is in danger of losing a diplomatic bargaining chip against Chinese hostility if Samsung passes state semiconductor manufacturer TSMC.

Critical Mineral Geopolitics: Latin America’s untapped potential  

Latin America holds half the world’s lithium. How will increasing government control, foreign exploitation and a proposed Argentina-Chile-Bolivia alliance affect production?

Corporate profits responsible for almost half of Europe’s inflation: IMF report

The International Monetary Fund has pointed to the profits of large corporations as a key driver of inflation in Europe.

Brazil leads the charge for greater South American integration and dedollarisation

Brazil is leading calls for a revival of South America’s Unasur union, but will this mean better integration in the region, or a wider move away from the US and towards self-sufficiency?

The FDI landscape in Nigeria in 2023

Instability and corruption are holding back Nigeria, but the country still puts forward a compelling FDI case.