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Sofia Karadima is a senior editor and researcher at Investment Monitor, focusing on financial and business services, and ESG investing. She previously covered institutional investment across private markets for financial news and research provider Acuris. She has reported on private equity, venture capital, private debt and infrastructure, among other topics. Sofia is currently based in London, after living in Chile, Denmark, Spain and Greece.

Sofia Karadima

SDG-related FDI increased by 38.5% in 2021

The number of greenfield FDI projects in SDG-aligned sectors experienced a strong increase in 2021.

FDI in DNA/RNA in 2021: The state of play

FDI in DNA/RNA projects grew by 52% in 2021, with the sector experiencing a strong growth as the Covid-19 pandemic stayed in sharp focus.

FDI in clinical trials in 2021: The state of play

FDI in clinical trial projects grew by 16% in 2021, with the sector attracting more projects than it had in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic.

FDI drivers in 2022: ESG

The global race to net zero has turned ESG into one of the most important drivers of FDI in the post-Covid world.

Corporate factfile: BlackRock

BlackRock, based in New York, is the world’s largest asset manager, but what does its corporate make-up look like?

FDI in the former Yugoslavia: Cooperation or conflict?

Thirty years after the break-up of Yugoslavia, to which countries is FDI in the western Balkans going?

Work-life balance is most important factor behind relocation decisions for talented workers, says DCI survey

A survey conducted by Development Counsellors International shows that Covid-19 has altered the way young workers choose employers.

How IVF and reproductive tech became a fertile area for investment

World IVF Day celebrates the innovation in assisted reproductive technology, but what opportunities are there for investors in this field?

Climate change will lead to unrest in all countries: Verisk Maplecroft

A Verisk Maplecroft report has separated countries into three groups when it comes to the risk of unrest from climate change: insulated, precarious and vulnerable.

FDI in education: The state of play

The education industry suffered a dip in FDI in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but did any countries manage to avoid this drop?