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Ruth Strachan is a senior reporter at Investment Monitor, focusing on manufacturing, mining and commodities. She joined from the Financial Times, where she worked as a content editor in the events division FT Live. In this role she wrote content for various global events across a number of topics including FDI, technology, C-suite roles and compliance. Before this, she was a journalist at DC Thomson.

Ruth Strachan

When morals and mergers clash: The art of M&A etiquette

The fall-out between Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever over the ice cream company’s moralistic stance on Israel holds valuable lessons in M&A etiquette.

Can Catalonia afford independence?

The independence movement in Catalonia has been fractured since a 2017 referendum, but can the Spanish region afford to go it alone?

“Climate-related tech investing will become the single biggest investment area worldwide”: In conversation with DAI Magister’s Victor Basta

Victor Basta of DAI Magister explains why, when it comes to tech investment, it is the climate-based activity that is causing the most excitement.

Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank: Is the concern justified?

Is Credit Suisse on the brink of collapse or are anxious investors driving up CDS prices and aggravating a falling stock price?

Opinion: Scotland should look to Ireland for lessons in FDI

Self-deprecating Scotland should look to emulate Ireland if it wants to attract more FDI as an independent nation.

Oil or nothing: Will Venezuela ever be able to diversify its economy?

If Venezuela’s sanctions were eased, could the country’s economy overcome its resource curse and diversify away from oil?

FDI in metals and minerals in 2021: The state of play

Metals and minerals FDI project numbers increased by more than one-third in 2021, showing a rebound to pre-pandemic levels.

Is there a blueprint Scotland can use for independence?

With the Scottish government publishing papers to prove it could thrive as an independent entity, does any country offer a blueprint for it to emulate?

Could the US copy Canada’s foreign buyer ban on housing?

In April 2022, Canada issued a foreign buyer ban on real estate. Could the US copy its neighbour in a bid to address its housing cost crisis?

Opinion: Cryptocurrency is a fool’s errand worth taking

Crashing value, bankrupt lenders, country bans and climate concerns are all red flags for cryptocurrency investment. Is it really worth the risk?