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Marina Leiva is a senior reporter at Investment Monitor, where she specialises in the agribusiness sector. Previously, she reported on institutional investments in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal for MandateWire at the Financial Times. She started her career in Spain, covering international affairs for

Droughts hit olive oil production and cause prices to rocket

Intense droughts across the Mediterranean are impacting olive oil production and causing prices to reach record levels.

Why is the UK still in a drought?

Rain has been gracing British soils, but the drought is not yet completely behind the UK, with some hosepipe bans still in place.

A sporting chance: Investment goals promise bright future for Indianapolis

Indianapolis’s reputation is built around logistics and sport, but the city is attracting investment in a wide array of sectors.

What are the three future mega themes in commodities markets?

The Chinese property market, war in Ukraine and the global transition to net zero are the three future mega themes in commodities markets.

How the cost of living crisis could steal Christmas

With the cost of living crisis wreaking havoc on UK households’ budgets, consumers may have to reassess spending priorities this Christmas.

Good Food Finance Network publishes targets for sustainable food transition

The group of 11 institutions commits to sustainable food transition targets covering more than $113bn of existing assets, ahead of COP27.

Which world cities are at the highest risk of a housing bubble?

Toronto in Canada is the global city at the highest risk of a housing bubble, according to a new UBS report.

Why do Ceuta and Melilla matter to Spain and Morocco?

The autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla have long been a source of conflict between the two countries either side of their borders.

Philadelphia boosts investment in life sciences and beyond

Trendy and diverse, Philadelphia is solidifying its position as life sciences hub, while also betting on its creative economy sector

Europe looks to learn from the US and Canada as its cannabis market grows

With Canada and the US leading the way, Europe is looking at its growing cannabis market with excitement, but there are plenty of mistakes to be avoided.