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European Business Association: ‘Business in Ukraine is back – we can help you trade or invest’

Ukraine’s largest business community, the EBA, has set up a new initiative to help streamline, promote and rekindle international economic interaction in the country.

BNEW will celebrate its third edition from 3–6 October 2022

The third edition of Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) will take place in October 2022.

How Georgia transformed itself into a regional investment hotspot

Georgia stands at the bridge between Europe and Asia. A host of financial and legal reforms have made it one of the best places to do business in the region, and policymakers are pushing to go even further – investors should take note

Ranked: The 59 cybersecurity unicorns you need to know about

What are the world’s leading cybersecurity unicorns? Are where are they based? The top 59 are ranked here.

Digital health: Scottish tech innovations improving healthcare post-Covid-19

Healthcare services around the world are feeling the strain after battling Covid-19 for two years, causing dramatic increases to waiting lists. Digital health technology developed in Scotland could help ease the burden globally, particularly for diagnosis.

Which countries are supporting Russia’s clothing supply chains?

Russia’s clothing supply chains are suffering due to the sanctions imposed following its government’s invasion of Ukraine, however the sector’s close links to a number of key sourcing countries are likely to reduce the impact.

Five unexpected strategies for high-performing SEZs to adopt

What makes for a commercially successful special economic zone? An expert panel give their recommendations.

Investment by state-owned investors sees rapid rise in 2021

A report by data platform Global SWF shows that capital deployed by state-owned investors hit a six-year high in 2021.

Companies are rethinking their FDI strategies but are cautiously optimistic: Survey

Investment Monitor’s Corporate Outlook Survey 2021 reveals what business leaders think about the current global business environment.

The Future of Impact Investing: An investor’s guide to ESG

On 2 December 2021, Investment Monitor will host an online event – The Future of Impact Investing – which will focus on finding the balance between ESG criteria and profitable investment.